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Travel, Transport, and Logistics

Transport is the key to an economically sound country and transport is essential to both travel as well as logistics. Running a logistics business can be a challenge, especially in a country like India which still heavily works in an unorganized, traditional manner. We understand the challenges faced and thus have developed a logistics management software to cater to all your needs and requirements to run a successful transportation business.

Logistics management can be a tough task and to fulfill the needs several logistics software companies offer solutions but we at PCI have developed the software for transport company based on its specific requirements and operations. One of the best logistics software, our logistics management solutions cater to your operational capacity, keeping in mind the manpower involved, the route information, the timelines, and the workflow. As a transport company, you have a lot of workloads to be accomplished in a minimum time frame and to ensure timely deliveries and improved efficiency, we have developed the best transport software fulfilling these criteria.

The software for transport business is a customized ERP solution with user input driven functionality and ability to automate task thus decreasing the need for human intervention. Our transport app developers are focused on targeting the major challenges in the industry and offering solutions without burdening the company owners with excessive financial liability. Our solutions cover all major financial, operational and problem-solving aspects of the industry.

PCI is a renowned company and is one of the top logistics software companies in the region offering multiple solutions through its ERP based logistics and transportation software. Let us have a look at some key highlights of the software we develop for businesses.

  • The logistics management software offers master management which enables functionalities such as route allocation, vendor management, fuel management, employee directory and role allocation, and freight rate management.
  • The software for transport company includes a vehicle management module that enables you to keep track of all the vehicles involved in the operation of the company. These allow you to manage the vehicle details, vehicle maintenance data, vehicle documentation, expense management, and other vehicle-related information such as due dates for EMI, insurance and pollution checks.
  • Bilty management is an important part of the logistics management solutions because it is essential for both the transporter as well as the buyer. Our software for transport business ensures smooth bilty generation, billing information, a customized billing process, and outstation deliveries along with the generation of delivery challans.
  • Most top logistics software companies offer account management allowing the transport companies to keep a tab on each account including details such as the number of deliveries, billing information, tax information, customer invoice generation, and vendor bill collection information.
  • Reporting and analysis is a key part of any good software for transport company and we have paid special attention to ensure an excellent reporting solution. With our software, you can generate extensive vehicle reports, billing reports, P and L analysis, day-to-day vehicle reports, and loading/ unloading reports.

So, if you are planning to take your transport business to the next level and organize your way to growth, PCI will enable the perfect system and help you achieve the same.

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