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    E-Mind application software is a highly interactive, adaptive, and engaging suite of tutorials and simulations that are optimised to increase the output level. The tutorial engages the viewer for a better understanding and clarity of concepts. It is designed to provide excellence in areas of solutions, training, and consulting services.


      How can an e-mind application software help your business?

      E-Mind application software is helpful for your business in several ways. It provides a variety of services that are beneficial for the expansion and maintenance of a company in its daily life.

      • E-Governance- E-governance or Electronic governance is the application of data and communication technology (ICT) for the aim of delivering government services, communication transactions, exchange of data, and integration of various stand-alone systems.
      • Project Consulting and Management- It helps the designing, formatting, and planning of the Projects. By providing expert solutions, it not only helps in the formation but also in the management of the projects.
      • Quality Management and Process Improvement- Quality Management and Process Improvement is a common approach used by businesses these days. It helps to attain the quality results that can meet customer’s expectations.
      • Project Management Unit (PMU)- This unit is the most instrumental one. It is even the soundest unit that is used for the monitoring and execution of the projects.
      • HRMS & Payroll System- e-mind application software is capable of analysing and evaluating various factors such as the performance of employees, their leaves, time and attendance, etc. And create an efficient payroll system.
      • Asset Tracking & Management- It lets you track your assets and holdings from various platforms and devices, so whenever and wherever you want, you can easily manage and track all your assets.
      • Project Tracking/Monitoring & Management- E-mind application development is so capable that it not only helps in framing and planning of projects but also in tracking/monitoring as well as managing the projects.


      What are the benefits of e-mind application software?

      The benefits of e-mind application development for business are numerous. However, the key benefits that a company receives from e-mind application development are:

      • Cost-Effective- E-mind application provides a variety of services. These services are a product of e-mind application software. If a business tries to attain these services from human resources, that will cost much more to the company than getting the services error-free from e-mind software.
      • Improves Performance and Productivity- With the specialized services that the software offers, a business is sure to increase its performance as well as the productivity level. The company will achieve high-performance standards using the specialised management and production aids provided by e-mind application software.
      • Convenient and Flexible- e-mind application for software development makes it suitable for the business to get the service precisely according to their need. Also, electromagnetic multi-code integrated design software makes the work flexible.


      Why choose us?

      We, Planet PCI Infotech Ltd, are globally a leading service provider. We specialise in providing varied Human Resource Consulting services. We focus on integrated solutions that are modified as per the business needs of our client(s) across the globe.

      We own subsidiary companies/ branch offices in countries like Germany, USA, Hongkong, Russia (Moscow), Dubai, and Nigeria. We believe in delivering quality services at a cost-effective level so that it gives a client high with utmost customer satisfaction.


      E-MIND is a modular framework aimed at supporting aircraft manufacturers, aircraft integrators, military aviation’s , etc.- through the entire design cycle of avionic platforms: from antenna modelling, to radiating systems performance verification and optimization up to EMC/EMI risk identification and control. This tool provides optimum signature management & compatibility.


      What our customers say



      What is Electromagnetic Multi-code Integrated Design?

      The E-MIND is a rather interactive, adaptive, and attractive suite of tutorials and simulations which might be optimized to growth the output level.

      How long will I receive support for this service?

      Our support and maintenance is a part of our solution. You will receive it without any charges as long as you’re our customer.

      Why choose us for E-MIND?

      We, Planet PCI Infotech Ltd, are globally leading carrier provider. We specialise in imparting numerous services. Our attention on incorporated solutions which might be modified as per the business needs of our client(s) throughout the globe.

      Are there any hidden charges?

      No. We discuss everything with you from your requirements to your budget constraint and then price accordingly and once you have placed an order with us. We work efficiently so that the defined price quote is strictly complied to.

      Who Has The Rights To My Files Once The Project Is Over?

      You do! Some companies try to hold files hostage in order to keep your business, but with Iconic, you get it all. That includes the copyright. We don’t attempt to retain any rights on the work, although we do like to use what we have created for you to give our portfolio a boost. We believe in making EVERY project a portfolio piece.


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