Make Your Organization More Efficient with Application Maintenance and Support Services from Planet PCI

    Today, everything is application-driven in any organization. To make sure that business runs smoothly, you need an excellent application. Also, it’s not just about getting an application made but also keeping it updated.

    What is application maintenance?

    Application maintenance is the job of keeping the application up-to-date and relevant to the changing scenario. You can hire experts from the industry that can help in the best application practice for your company.

    Challenges faced by organizations in application maintenance and support

    • Designing a cost-effective solution
    • Customization of the application for meeting the changing needs of the business
    • Reducing the use of old mainframes and maintaining the legacy of applications
    • Availability of talent with expertise to understand the evolving technology
    • Adhering to high-quality standard for application maintenance and support
    • Successful modification of applications for operational strategies

    Features of application development and maintenance


      Some major features of the application development and maintenance services are:

      • Application re-engineering
      • Application migration and integration
      • Application support

      How can our app maintenance service help?

      • Our app maintenance services extend across the enterprise application lifecycle right from package evaluation to upgrades and migration.
      • Our experts offer problem management, debugging, bug fixing, and troubleshooting technical services.
      • Our services are a testimony of our commitment to offering nothing but excellence.
      • Our team offers various solutions for helping any organization with application enhancement.


      Why choose our IT application development and maintenance services?

      • To benefit from innovative application maintenance solutions and strategies.
      • Benefit from highly skilled alternatives to application maintenance services.
      • Gain access to onsite consultants as well as offshore services.
      • Leverage on our expertise and extensive knowledge of ERP products for getting tangible business benefits.


      Benefits of application maintenance service

      • Regular application maintenance service ensures that your application is secure from threats and makes it scalable.
      • It allows accommodating larger workload keeping consistency and excellent levels of performance.
      • It is better and cost-effective to maintain the same application instead of buying new software or developing from the beginning. Enhancing the life of application helps in reducing the cost.
      • Application maintenance helps in improving quality and web presence along with the response time of the website. It helps in fulfilling customer needs.
      • When you hire experts, you can rest assure that the application is in safe hands, and you can focus on other important aspects of the business.
      • A professional can let you know that when does the application needs an update or upgrade.


      Why are application maintenance and support services essential?

      When the applications are up to date, you can gain an edge over the competitors in the market. You can witness significant growth in the business. Thus, application maintenance and support services are the need of the hour. You need to innovate constantly for meeting the changing needs of the business.

      If you are looking for more information on application maintenance and need guidance or assistance for the same, connect with us.

      Application maintenance is the consistent updating, modifying and re- assessing of software applications to correct faults or improve performance. Application Maintenance and Support includes the skills and requirements for supporting application systems, including troubleshooting, modifying, maintaining and enhancing legacy systems. Application Maintenance and Support also applies to applications running in a production environment.


      What our customers say



      Which type of Software Application Maintenance services do you provide?

      We provide expert Software Application Maintenance services for all kinds of web and mobile apps. We ensure your application keeps up with the latest trends in technology and design.

      How to find cost-effective application maintenance services in India?

      To get the cost-effective application maintenance services, you need to see a company’s experience, work, and its services Which it provides. Planet-Pci Infotech keeps your digital assets at bay by providing expert Web & Mobile app maintenance services.

      What’s the cost of app maintenance services?

      The cost in providing app maintenance services is totally based upon a few criteria. If you share your idea, we can provide you with an ETA and estimate cost.

      Are there any hidden charges?

      No. We discuss everything with you from your app development requirements to your budget constraint and then price accordingly and once you have placed an order for your app development with us. Our developers work efficiently so that the defined price quote is strictly complied to.

      How do I begin my project with you?

      It’s simple. You can either contact us or write to us at


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