Where’s it would be impossible to enlist all our national or international projects successfully completed, mentioned below are but a few to reflect the range of our capability:

Overseas Projects


AMAC is a control and management system comprising of Data processing in connection with elections. The system deals with Basic data, including data on electoral districts, municipalities, voting districts and election authorities. The Center, using the State Communications System, receives information from district and precinct electoral stations. Data on every person entitled to vote is collected from the counties and is used to generate polling trends. The system provides data on polling stations (polling station register), including data on general advance polling stations and polling stations on Election Day.


An online casino gaming website has been developed for Interfax AG, Germany. The website consists of the following games: – Roulette, Keno, Blackjack, Slot Machine and Video Poker. The client game application is the front end while the back end includes the user database, the gaming database, account database and the local credit card database all loaded in the MS-SQL server. The website also has downloadable links for the client game application, an online help system, a list of rules for each of the 5 games and an online customer support system.


The Sidran Institute, a leader in traumatic stress education and advocacy, is a nationally focused non-profit organization devoted to help people who have experienced traumatic life events. The system has two major components, a database of information about those who call for help and a database of resources, which includes therapists, support groups, treatment centers and other resources. Online users can call for help and get services of therapists through Sidran.

Parametric 3D Modeling:

This was developed for Dapro Gmbh, Germany. By adding the plug-in, user gets the enhanced functionality within the AutoCAD. Using this, user can design any kind of simple and complex model and can register it for further click and draw option and get rid of designing same model again in the future. After registration, user gets the advantage of instantiation of the same model for different parameters directly. Plug-in is capable of storing the parameters for references and further use and uses OLEDB to provide you freedom of the database system of your choice. The development has been done using Microsoft VC++ 6.0, MFC and Object ARX and runs under AutoCAD.

Browser Simulation Software

The software was developed for Argent Software, USA. It mimics the performance and behavior of Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer web browsers under different parameters.

Affiliate Program Software

The Affiliate Software tracks net traffic from the initial click on a linked banner by a user on a referral partner’s website. It provides the mechanism to calculate the commissions payable to referral partners based on the persons they referred to casino and generates different reports for the convenience of both the user and referral partner. The development has been done using IIS 5.0, SQL 7.0, VC++ and ASP (Active Server Pages).

Printer Driver for Colour DeskJet Printers

This software was developed in C language for a German company. The software interfaces with their software for Temperature Measuring Systems, and provides a colour printout of the multi-channel Temperature graphs on HP or Epson Colour Desk Jet printers. The software was successfully integrated with their software and the quality was highly appreciated

Enhancement in ILM

Infotech Learning Manager (ILM) is fully integrated online education software that supports various method of online education. We have carried out the enhancement in existing Infotech Learning Manager System. The existing ILM was Window based using technologies like ASP, COM, VB, SQL SERVER and Oracle. We have developed and enhanced the ILM for becoming Platform Independent and more robust using latest technologies JSP, HTML, JDBC, EJB etc.

Maintenance Management System

This software was developed using Power builder for a Malaysian client. The software keeps record of preventive maintenance carried out and creates a preventive maintenance schedule based on pre-defined inputs.

Accounting Software for German Clubs Enhancement in ILM

This software was developed for Tutorsoft, Germany. The Software has been developed in C++ and Visual FoxPro. The software is being marketed in Germany

Software for Management of German clubs

This software was developed for Tutorsoft, Germany. It maintains the data sheets of all the members of a club. The Software has been developed in C++, Visual Basic & Visual Fox Pro. Considering its efficiency it is now being marketed in Germany.

AutoCAD Drawing & Modification

Modifications over 1000 drawings were carried out for BCS CAD Systumhaus Gmbh, Germany. The work involved modifying the drawings to incorporate the client’s standards in terms of layering, naming conventions, colour, line thickness, line type etc.

Domestic Projects

Infrared Signature Prediction And Counter Measures Evaluation Simulation Tool (IRPT)

The software tool for a ship EDF IR environment is aimed at obtaining the IR Prediction for the specified wavelength, through simulations. The IRPT tool allows the user to follow a complete simulation process, by following the standard procedures used by a ship’s Infrared analysis.


Radar Cross Section (RCS) Prediction Tool

The RCS tool is an integrated software framework aimed at obtaining RCS Prediction of a ship through simulation. The simulation is based on Physical Optics, Physical Theory of Diffraction and Shooting and Bouncing Rays.


FMS (Fault Monitoring System)

FMS has been designed for Delhi Traffic Police on behalf of KELTRON. The main purpose of FMS site is to register complaints for the faulty traffic signals and know information about complaints attended. Site also provides the user proper status of the complaints according to the selected area. This website intends to provide help to general public by registering & intimating the problem to the relevant authority thereby, rectifying the problem at the earliest.


CBIP Presentation

This involved preparation of CD containing the video clips of Inaugural Sessions/Valedictory sessions and Power Point presentations made during the 12th World Water congress session hosted by CBIP. It also included animated starter video, advanced Search option, 200 desktop published papers, etc.


Financial Accounting Package

This s/w maintains all Books of accounts starting from Primary books of accounts like Cashbook, Bank Book, Purchase Register, Sales Register and Journal Registers, records of vouchers, ledgers and all statement of accounts like Balance sheet, Profit and Loss and Trial Balance, Cash Flow, Fund Flow & Stock Statement, etc. It handles different types of vouchers like Payment, receipt, adjustment entries like Journals, Debit notes, Credit notes, Sales, Purchases, Receipt notes, Delivery notes etc. It allows users to select any report for a particular date or for any range of dates and also provides the facility to print any voucher that has been entered.


Hospital Management

This was developed for Endolite India Ltd. The project contains five modules: Reception, Commercial, Prosthetic, Stores and MIS. The project is implemented in two parts, one each for the Head Office and branches. The branches and Head Office data is synchronized at regular intervals so as to enable the Head Office to generate the consolidated reports and take decisions based on them.


Salary Management System

Salary Management software provides for monthly salary generation of an organization. The software is responsible for maintaining the loans, provident fund, earnings and deductions, income tax and accounting them in the salary generation process for the month.

Salary slips can be printed from the system apart from the numerous reports /schedules as part of the requirement of the organization for bank purpose and for historical purpose. This software has been developed for CBIP.


Cost Analysis and Management System

Cost Analysis and Management System (CAMS) is a system which provides necessary facility of maintaining the information for various projects that are ongoing or completed at various shipyards of the Indian Navy. CAMS provides facility to create cost estimate for future projects based on interactive wizard. It also contains cost escalation calculator screen for making quick estimates.


Sale of Publication System

Sale of Publication System (SOPS) integrates all data and processes of Central Board of Irrigation & Power (CBIP) related to publication. It provides all data pertaining to Publications, Sales, Subscription, store etc on the click of a button that help customers who get the information on time. SOPS maintains all information at one place and thereby enhance the value and efficiency.


Enterprise Management System

Enterprise Management System (EMS) is a web based system & integrates all data and processes of NPCC into a single unified system. In this computerized arena NPCC is now capable to access, modify or update data which is stored at some centralized location from any remote location. This unique facility has decreased response time and has done wonders to efficiency. Imagine getting all data pertaining to employee, project, zones, purchase, material, contracts, finance, vigilance etc on the click of a button. The contractors or customer can get relevant information on real time basis directly from the website through EMS. Hence EMS helps NPCC in maintaining all information at one place and thereby enhancing the value.


Budget Expenditure Monitoring System

Budget Expenditure Monitoring System (BEMS) is a web- based application, which aims at simplifying the allocation and monitoring of the monetary resources of an Organization. It takes care of the hierarchical organization of the actual operational system as well as the factors like geographical separation of various operational units.

Each unit of the system is taken as a subsystem such that it is interoperable with other subsystems, while being a fully functional unit in it, hence the system constitutes of various specialized modules, which cater to these different kinds of requirements. This is in use at All India Radio.


Digitization of Drawings

The Objective of the digitization service is to convert the paper based drawings to Digitized drawings. This has enabled NTPCs to store voluminous drawing in a simple disk. The advantages of this project are simple storage, easy retrieval, quick changes and fast transfer. It manages engineering drawings, CAD drawings, their lifecycles and associate business in a secure and auditable way in-line with industry’s best practice.


Slag Detection and Control System

SDCS has been conceived with the objective of monitoring the percentage of slag in molten steel, so as to improve the quality of steel, thereby restricting the percentage of slag that actually pours into the ladle with molten steel, within a safe and specified limit.

SDCS works in conjunction with the Infra Red Camera, that provides the thermal image and temperature range of the object, which is then processed by SDCS for the subsequent calculation of slag percentage. SDCS work in an integrated environment of Hardware and Software.


Payroll System

This system has been developed for Brecko Precision Engineering (P) Ltd. This system accepts inputs regarding production on the shop floor by each person, and calculates production linked incentives based on norms. At the end of month, it provides pay bill reports as per statutory formats.


Data Migration Wizard

It is a generalized application, which is used for migration of data from one platform to another. Application has a user-friendly interface with various options such as Copy structure only, copy complete Table with data and constraints OR copy Table structure and constraints only.



It is an India based business-to-business portal for buyers and sellers of Industrial/household products and services. This site can also be accessed through call centres. This project was developed using HTML, ASP and java script. A buyer, can place enquiries for any product and services and get responses from the registered sellers of the site. Sellers can list their product/services, which they deal in their day-to-day business activities. Different types of members can be registered and the members are offered various facilities according to their categories.


Inter Office memo and mailing system & Browser based Office Circulars

It is a browser-based application which helps transfer of office memos, communication mails and circulars on the network. It is armed with complete security features. It uses VBScript, Jscript, ASP, Visual Basic and MS-Access. The application is also proposed to have the capability to post leave applications on the site under a well-defined “Document Flow” structure.


Split Window Browser

An application is developed to view more than one site in the single browser application in parallel. This application has two panes to visualize the access details. One pane works to locate the desired information and second displayes the results to view. This application is developed using VC++ 6.0, MFC.