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    Availability Based Tariff (ABT) is a mechanism that is used to charge and regulate power in the electricity market to achieve stability in the short term as well as long term networks.

    ABT is basically a pricing tool that is based on the frequency; it is commonly used in India for unscheduled electric power transactions.


    What is the need of Availability Based Tariff (ABT)?


      There is a low-frequency system established in the Indian Power system due to the very constant deficiency in power, leading to a prevalent supply and demand difference, which requires Availability Based Tariff software development companies.

      The demand for power is always more than the supply, which leads to a low frequency of the power grid.

      The power generating stations used to supply a constant amount of power in MW, irrespective of the demands even when a lower MW would have sufficed. This leads to the Grid frequency to be always high, in the same way when the demand for the power was high still the power generating stations used to supply the same MW. Consequently, the grid used to face a reduction in frequency.

      This type of grid system didn’t have a specific provision to fight this issue and lacked discipline; this was before the Availability Based Tariff system software development, which transformed the grid system to perform better.


      Benefits of Availability Based Tariff to businesses

      The Availability Based Tariffs have been really useful for businesses because of the following reasons:

      1. The grids have become more disciplined because of the application of this software, which has led to the prices of power becoming more economically viable for the companies.
      2. The system helps promote healthy competition between the power suppliers, which promote efficiency, and also the Merit Order and Economic Dispatch are encouraged due to the system.
      3. The tariff addresses and helps to avoid grid-based disturbances making it more comfortable for the suppliers as well as the consumers.
      4. The tariff gives the power suppliers the capability to regulate their production costs and also manage the flexibility in the operations.


      Planet PCI – Availability based Tariff

      The Availability Based tariff software developer Planet PCI’s software helps to calculate the pending payment tariffs for the power generated. The difference between the Actual Export (AG) in MWs and the Scheduled Generation (SG) also in MWs is used for the calculations. The formula (AS-SG)/4000 helps calculate the UI per time block.


      Features of ABT by Planet PCI:

      • It supports the use of Energy Meters
      • RS-485 and TCP/IP are used for connectivity
      • The Tariff Based computations are automated
      • A single server is able to support multiple clients
      • There is an advanced availability based on the 15-minute time block, which leads to 96-time blocks throughout the day.
      • The average dunning power and its frequency can be calculated.
      • The software stores the value in its database every 15 minutes
      • The calculation of monthly and day-based reports and the provision to export them to excel is really helpful.


      The ABT by Planet PCI is one of the best Availability Based Tariff software in the market and has all the required features. If you are also looking for an advanced and reliable Availability Based Tariff software, connect with our team.


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