HRMS is web-based complete software to manage and look after the employee details and payroll process of medium to large scale organization.HR & Payroll Software mark the attendance from Time office machine via Biometric etc. calculate unlimited salary components, generate pay slip with password protection, generate PF report, ESI Report, Tax reports, TDS Challans, Form 16, e-TDS etc. according to end user requirements. It gives employers and payroll service providers, powerful, productivity-boosting payroll solution. Since it is web based, you can access the software from anywhere in the world.


    Recruitment, Leave & Attendance, Payroll, Employee Self Services, Appraisal, Training, Travel, Asset, Grievance, E – Separation.


      Streamline HR Processes of Your Organization with Our Human Resource Management Software

      The HR department is one of the crucial departments of any business organization. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that HR is the backbone of any company. Getting HR software for your business can significantly help the HR department in achieving goals and streamlining its administrative processes.

      The task of recruiting, training, and maintenance of the workforce can be done with ease. The software helps in improving the productivity and efficiency of the HR department. In a nutshell, the best human resource management system revolutionizes the workforce.

      Features of Human resource management system software

      • It helps in streamlining your HR processes
      • It enables you to create and maintain a highly secure single database for the entire organization.
      • The human resource management system softwareallows creating and automating the leave types for quick requests and easy approval.
      • It can help in setting the benchmark for employee performance along with laying out standards and tracking the team’s performance. You can offer personalized feedback for keeping the workforce motivated.
      • The software assists in generating reports and measuring data for sales, growth, and attrition. You can find trends and transform them into strategies. It helps in visualizing data and making informed decisions.
      • Right from simple forms to complex workflows, you can completely customize the process. Whether it is adding new services, modifying existing ones, or automating the usual routine HR process, the software does it all.

      Why choose our human resource management system?

      Our human resource management system can help in identifying the hiring the right candidate. In today’s time, a significant sum of money is at stake when hiring a new candidate. It is one of the crucial as well as challenging tasks for HR managers. However, technological advancement in the form of software can help in simplifying these challenges. Our software can help in managing the workforce with several benefits.

      Some of the main categories of our HR software are:

      • HR administration
      • Talent management system
      • Learning management system

      Benefits of choosing human resource management software

      • The software helps in keeping track of the employees. It can help in the growth and development of your current staff in a cost-effective manner.
      • It can help in storing data from the appraisals and include details on topics you have covered as well as goals and feedbacks.
      • The software can assist in monitoring leaves. It can save you from time-consuming email trails, which usually disturb the workflow and productivity.
      • The HR system collects data and allows accessing it anytime and anywhere. You can view as well retrieve it with few clicks.
      • It can help in securing your data. By storing the data in the cloud, you can prevent unauthorized people from accessing it.
      • It saves time and improves productivity.

      If you are looking for the best human resource management software for your business and want to know how it can benefit your business, connect with our team.


      What our customers say



      Would the HRM software be well-suited and beneficial for the HR rules of the company?

      A good and efficient system can be able to evaluate any HR activity of the user-client and also be able to apply any requisite combination of rules, messages, prompts, and options that are especially designed to meet the exact eligibility requirements. The software application needs to be able to endorse any eligibility rules that the company frames.

      How flexible and scalable a HRMS software can be?

      Professionals engaged in routine HR work-flow activities should enquire if the system can import data from multiple Excel spreadsheets, databases, paper documents, etc. They should also need to know if the system can be linked to other workstations in the company.

      Will the HRMS software be able to grow and scale with the client-company?

      To make sure that the software can perform as per the requirements of the client-company, they need to check the performance capacity of the HRM software. A reliable and flexible HRMS software have the ability to grow as the company expands in terms of new offices, new employees, benefits, and more. If the HR managers get necessary experience in each element of the software, they will be able to check and determine any issues in HR tasks easily.

      Does the HR management system influence other systems favorably?

      When it comes to HR tasks, they involve a lot of day-to-day responsible tasks and they are all important for the company. Also, many of them are very confidential, and honestly speaking, the number of these confidential details can be overwhelming. For this reason, this software needs to be integrated with the whole HR infrastructure. By doing so, HR managers can retrieve any information from the centralized system whenever they need.

      Are You Looking for Comprehensive HRM Solution ?

      If you are small or medium business enterprise and looking for a tailor-made yet comprehensive human resource management system, then you consult experts at Planet-Pci Infotech which is a leading software developing company . HRMS developed by Planet-Pci Infotech consists of customizable options that fulfills your all HR and processing demands. By implementing this cost-effective software, you can automate your HR and related functions smoothly, minimize unnecessary expenses, and save time.


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