Client Overview

Prasar Bharati, formed in the year 1997, is the largest public broadcasting agency in India. The agency is headquartered in New Delhi, & All India Radio and Doordarshan are its child agencies.

PRASAR BHARTI (broadcasting corporation of India), Akashwani & Doordarshan


Before the adoption of the solution by Prasar Bharati, all the work was being done manually within the agency. 

The issues being faced by the agency while handling the reports manually were endless. For example, it used to take a lot of time to finish the reports and almost the same time to cross-check them. 

This approach was also making the agency cost more in terms of money as highly paid employees were devoting most of their time in filling and forwarding the envelopes to other departments.


Prasar Bharati approached Planet PCI for the solution to their problem. Planet PCI delivered a solution in the form of a web-based Budget Expenditure Monitoring System (BEMS) to be used at AIR headquarters.

This is a web-based software that looks after all the finance-related needs of an organization. One of the biggest advantages of adopting this system is that it helps in generating customized reports based on the requirements of the users.

The web-based solution helped them in the budget allocation and monitoring of the expenses online related to various offices and workstations, thus saving time and money. They could also monitor real-time information with dynamic dashboards.