Client Overview

All the tasks related to the research and development of the naval weapons and systems related to them are undertaken by the Naval Science and Technological Laboratory. The organization came into existence in 1969.

Naval Science and Technological Laboratory


The organization faced a lot of challenges regarding the automation of temperature measurement. There was no software to serve this purpose.

Another challenge faced by this organization was the measurement of actual temperature with a high level of accuracy. The measurement of radiant heat was another challenge faced by this organization.

There was a lot of miscalculation and other errors in the whole system, which required the development of particular software.


The Planet PCI developed an application which helped them in the measurement of temperature and radiant heat.

With the development of this application, the errors associated with the accuracy and actual measurement of temperature were solved.

This application also helped in solving the problem of miscalculation of temperature and achieving the goals of the organization.