Client Overview

The Ministry of Defence from the Indian Army is responsible for the budget of defence, lines of defence and the cantonments, all the matters associated with the Parliament and the defence cooperation with foreign nations. This Ministry is headed by the Defence Secretary who is responsible for coordinating the activities with various departments.

Ministry of Defence (India Navy)


The Ministry of Defence faced the biggest challenge of detection of target and measurement of the target because they lacked proper tools.

No software could help in giving such goals. The accuracy of the radar was another challenge faced by the Ministry.

Another issue faced was the measuring of detectable objects with the help of radar.


The Planet PCI helped in developing the radar cross-section with infrared prediction tools software. This software was designed to achieve the accuracy of radar.

Because of this, the objects are very easily detected. The material of which the target is made is also visible.

Various factors like the size of the target, the absolute size of the target, angle of incidence, and angle of reflection also helped in providing more accuracy to the user.

Because of this software, the object was able to reflect a limited amount of radar energy to the

The polarization of the transmitted and received radiations with respect to the target also helped in increasing the accuracy of the target.