Client Overview

KELTRON is a leading organization in the electronics world. The company is into existence since 1973 and has continuously played the role of a trendsetter in this sector. The credit of development of electronics industry in Kerala goes to this particular company only. The company has set up a lot of production centres and catered to the needs of more than 5000 people directly or indirectly with the help of manufacturing of electronic goods.



The company faced a lot of issues associated with updating traffic signals.

The real-time monitoring of these traffic signals and information was the greatest issue faced by this particular company. All the tasks were being done manually, and there was a separate working for the offices and locations.
Because of manual processing of all the things, the tasks were more prone to errors and omissions.

Also, due to decentralized working, there were huge delays in the whole system, and there was a lack of proper handling and monitoring.


There was a development of web-based applications so that the company can monitor all the faults related to the traffic signals.

This application was designed with the help of Planet PCI and served the main objective of monitoring the whole system and faults associated with them.

Even the time associated with the whole task was reduced, and the strong MIS system helped in tracking the activities in a better manner so that prompt actions and decisions could be taken.