Client Overview

Endolite India Ltd. is a Rehabilitation Services Company that is focused on Prosthetic & Orthotic services. It is a joint venture between the Blatchford Group and the Prime Group. It is having an experience of more than 20 years in the industry.



Before the adoption of the solution, all the work at the company was being done manually and dealing with real-time information was one of the biggest challenges for the company.

The sales department of the company was not fully automated due to which assessing the sales target achievements was becoming another challenge for it.

Tracking the real-time inventory levels was another issue for the company, which sometimes led to inadequate availability of the material. The Payroll process was also being done manually due to which it had become more time consuming and error-prone.


Endolite India Ltd. approached Planet PCI for the solution to their problem, and the solution which was delivered by the Planet PCI was an end to end business application-CRM, Inventory, Accounts, Production and Payroll.

All the problems and issues which the company was facing because of the manual processing of the different tasks related to Prosthetic and Orthotic services, were resolved by this application. Now the company was able to deal with all the company related real-time information through its Management Information System. Accordingly, the company was able to adapt its operations and business decisions as per the real-time information updates.

Now all the departments were working in an integrated way, and this helped the company in accelerating the overall tasks.