Get Improved Quality of Steel and Minimized Material Loss with the best SDCS software!

    The Slag Detection System (SDS) has been a revolution in the steelmaking process as it has allowed the steel plants to improve their output quality, drastically reduced slag carryover by accurate and timely detection of slag in the process. This has also led to an improvement in the safety of the plant operators.


    The slag detection control system software employs the use of a thermal imaging high-resolution camera which detects the transition between the slag and steel, as at the end of the tap, the levels of the steel and slag get reversed fast and a quick termination of the process is required after the triggering of alarm otherwise the ladle fills up with excessive slag.


      The camera in the SDS is equipped to handle the harsh conditions and also uses a special wavelength, which helps reduce the number of blackouts due to the smoke and fumes.

      The data is transmitted to the operator in real-time so that they can make a quick and informed decision.


      Key Features of Slag Detection Software

      1. The flow of the tap is directly stopped before the slag carryover happens by the alarms generated by the software.
      2. The software functions completely automatically and doesn’t require operator intervention.
      3. The software produces an enhanced output of the data analysis of the tap.
      4. The features of the SDS include accurate detection irrespective of the weight of the charge.


      What are the benefits of the Slag Detection System?

      The slag detection control system software development has led to various benefits for the various businesses and companies that are in this line of work. Some of the benefits are listed below:


      Improved Product Quality

      The use of SDS has resulted in the reduction of slag by about 25 percent of what it used to be during traditional monitoring methods.; Also, it has improved the response time and consistency of the operator.


      Reduction in downstream production costs

      The additional processing time and the materials required costs a significant amount, which makes operating a plant a burden for the companies but controlling the amount of slag carryover can significantly reduce the downstream production, eventually leading to better and quality output.


      Automatic Operation

      The software starts to record the tap as soon as the process begins, and it carefully analysis and maintains a data log through its inbuilt algorithm.

      When slag appears in the tap and exceeds a normal amount, the software automatically triggers an alarm, which really helps the operator to cut down the supply before excess slag carryover happens.


      Planet PCI SDS Software

      One of the best slag detection control system software development companies, the Planet PCI software, works on the theory of infrared radiation, which helps in the reduction of slag in steel, maintaining its quality and minimalizing the loss of material.

      The slag detection software is a really important tool in the business of steel manufacturing as well as other elements manufacturing as it helps in reducing the cost of the working of the plants by increasing their output quality by reducing the amount of slag in the material.

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      Based on the theory of infrared radiation, SDCS monitors/ controls the percentage of slag in steel within a safe and specified limit. With SDCS Software, the user has improved quality of steel & minimized material loss, which results in cost effectiveness for steel processes.


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